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About Coupdose

About Coupdose

Coupdose is a platform created to help women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money, obliterate their negative money beliefs, and make more money by eliminating what’s not working, and begin to follow an effective strategy to grow their business. We take a holistic approach to helping women reach their income goals and use the principles of space clearing, goal setting, productivity, time mastery, project management, growth marketing, and business strategy to make it happen.


We publish no-fluff content that will spark you to move, make big shifts, and truly transform your business and life.


Programs to help you get more money, more freedom, and more bliss.

1:1 and Group Coaching

Take your business to the next level faster with the support of our highly effective 1:1 and group coaching programs.

Productivity Plans

We work closely with you to design custom productivity plans that give you a roadmap to reaching your business income goals.